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Age of Empires news

AoE lead designer announces new game "Empire Earth" - an epic strategy game
Age of Empires tops the best seller lists the official press release
AoE2 database the best suggestions out of 500 wishes
AoE2 at the E3 all the news, screenshots etc.
AoE2 units - a different preview ;) check it out
Awards I have won awards given to this page
Bruce Shelley about the 50 unit limit one of the hottest topics
drs file format the description is now complete
Empire Earth - facts and features a new strategy game from Mr. Grinch
Europe's largest game mag reviews AoE and gives it 94%
Feature list the official list provided by MS
Hidden graphics unused pictures
My AoE2 suggestions a comprehensive list of my ideas :)
Pathfinding how units try to find their target
Reviews How the game press sees AoE
Rise of Rome Everything about the expansion set
Rumble for Rome The tournament finals
System requirements P90, 16 MB
Screenshots from the beta version
New Screenshots newer screenshots

Last update: 98/12/10


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