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Contact: Dara-Lynn Pelechatz
Stainless Steel Studios
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Stainless Steel Studios Announces Empire Earth®
A New Real-Time Strategy Game
From the Creator/Lead Designer of
Microsoft's Age of Empires®

May 28, 1998 Stainless Steel Studios, the Cambridge, Massachusetts game development company founded by Rick Goodman (the creator/lead designer of Microsoft's Age of Empires®), has begun developing a new real-time strategy game called Empire Earth® (working title). This is a real-time strategy game for the next millennium. It will set new standards in the genre, and offer gamers an experience that goes far beyond anything that strategy games released, thus far, have offered.

After co-founding Ensemble Studios with his brother and creating the award-winning and best-selling PC-based game Age of Empires, Rick Goodman conceived the idea for Empire Earth and founded Stainless Steel Studios in January 1998. Talented designers, artists and programmers were hand-picked by Goodman to establish the development team for this cutting-edge project.

Empire Earth will appeal to game players who enjoy Age of Empires, but will offer gamers an entirely new type of multi-player, real-time strategy game experience. "Without compromising the easy-to-understand player interface that Age of Empires offered, or the mass market appeal of the game, Empire Earth will be a much bigger game in every aspect of the word. We're designing an entirely new engine for this title, one that will offer features and design elements never seen in a real-time strategy game," stated Rick Goodman, the president of Stainless Steel Studios.

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Instead of simply focusing on military conquest, Empire Earth will focus on several areas, including: military conquest, diplomacy, politics, economics, and resource trading. "Players will be able to win the game by concentrating on any of these elements or combining the elements, instead of focusing exclusively on military domination," said Goodman.

Empire Earth will also offer a much larger and diverse technology tree, more units, bigger worlds, more civilizations, and cover a time span of 500 millennia (500,000 BC to 2500 AD), taking gamers from the dawn of civilization into the future. "One feature that I'm particularly excited about is what we're calling 'interactive unpredictability.' Earthquakes, plagues, tax revolts, religious persecution, famine, pollution, civil war, global warming and nuclear disasters, among other natural and manmade events will impact a player's empire both directly and indirectly," said Goodman.

"Empire Earth will feature artificial intelligence that's more advanced than anything gamers will have seen before," stated Goodman. "Gamers will experience a sense of true unpredictability in the AI and have the ability to collect and trade up to twelve different resources as they progress through the game. I think we've barely begun to explore the real-time strategy game genre. While Empire Earth will be familiar to those who have played Age of Empires, at the same time, it will bring entirely new and innovative elements into the genre that have never been seen before. This will make the overall play of the game a much more interactive and competitive experience."

Gamers will control the growth and management of their empire using the game's intuitive, mouse-driven graphical interface, and view the game from an isometric perspective. "We are excited about expanding the strategy envelope well beyond that of Age of Empires and other strategy games, however, Empire Earth will remain easy to learn, easy to play and won't require that anyone read a manual to get started," promised Goodman.

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Empire Earth will offer a highly engaging single player experience and include a wealth of single player scenarios and tutorials, plus feature a multi-player mode allowing at least eight (8) players to participate in an online game or Death Match.

"One of the reasons for Age of Empires broad appeal is that it allows people to experience the game in so many different ways, and each time the game is played, it offers a totally different experience. Empire Earth will expand upon this concept in some very intriguing ways. For example, the game will offer over 300 technologies during the game's 12 epochs, challenging a player to choose, very carefully, which technologies to pursue, since only a fraction of them will be attainable during a single game. Male and female heroes will also play pivotal roles in the game," stated Goodman.

This summer, Stainless Steel Studios plans to announce an exclusive distribution and marketing partnership with a major software publisher to handle the worldwide release of Empire Earth and the company's subsequent titles, including multiple expansion packs for Empire Earth.

For more information about Stainless Steel Studios or Empire Earth, visit the company's Web site at or call:

Dara-Lynn Pelechatz
Director of Corporate Communications
(617) 437-6605
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Microsoft and Age of Empires are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Empire Earth is a trademark of Stainless Studios, Inc.
Empire Earth®
From The Creator/Lead Designer of Microsoft's Age of Empires®
- Confidential Preview Information -

Game Title: Empire Earth® (working title)
Format: PC CD-Rom for Windows 95/98 &
Next-Generation Console Gaming Systems

Release Date: To Be Announced
Developer: Stainless Steel Studios, Inc.

Product Overview

Empire Earth was conceived by Rick Goodman, the creator/lead designer of Microsoft's award-winning and best-selling Age of Empires® game. Empire Earth is a game that will appeal to all fans of Age of Empires.  While simultaneously improving upon the intuitive graphic interface, Empire Earth provides a far more challenging and interactive experience, yet doesn't compromise the game's accessibility and mass market appeal.

Empire Earth will set new standards in the game genre, and offer design elements and features never before experienced in a multi-player, real-time strategy game. Stainless Steel Studios is currently developing an entirely new 16 bit graphics engine for Empire Earth. Players will be able to experience 500,000 years of history (500,000 BC to 2500 AD), divided into twelve (12) unique epochs.

Key Features

For more information, call:

Dara-Lynn Pelechatz, Stainless Steel Studios, (617) 437-6605
Microsoft and Age of Empires are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Empire Earth is a trademark of Stainless Studios, Inc.

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