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Strategy tip of the week:

Bronze Age guide:

The new version of the guide that explains how to get to the Bronze Age in 13 minutes, written by Ken Stanley.

Age of Empires strategies

General strategies

1. Building placement take advantage of the territory
2. Choose your tribe much is decided for the game actually starts
3. Conquest strategieshow to defeat the opponents - by Bazooka
4. Deathmatch gamesdemand entirely different strategies
5. Resource depletion strategy effective on smaller inland maps - by Leo Brum
6. Resource management the backbone of every civilization
7. Scoutingmakes the difference between winning and losing
8. Sea strategies resource management and attack strategy
9. Wonder strategy do not just build a wonder, try to keep it :)

Specialized tactics

1. Archers use their speed and range - by E Pluribus
2. Combat how to control your guys
3. Converting enemies wo-lo-lo - thank you :)
4. Grouping units divide your army into sections
5. Bronze Age in 13 minutes by Ken Stanley
6. Super-upgrades standoff breakers or money pits? by Vostok and Leo

Statistics of units, upgrades etc.

1. Buildings descriptions and pictures
2. Statistics all unit/building/tech data about AoE, by BlackDouglas
3. Tribes an analysis of their strenghts and weaknesses
4. Units a strategical analysis, part 1
5. Units a strategical analysis, part 2
6. UpgradesTool Age - which upgrade is the most useful one?
7. Upgrades Bronze Age - get ahead of your opponents with the right upgrades
8. UpgradesIron Age - choose wisely: your resources are limited

Definitions and explanations

1. Glossary for people who are new to strategy games
2. Strategies and tactics a definition

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