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Rise of Rome - the AoE expansion set

News and facts

RoR unit sheets made by Dave
RoR civ tables one table per civ, made by Mr. Fixit
Facts about RoR the official fact sheet
RoR at the E3 news from the E3
Tribes Carthage, Hellen, Palmyra, Rome
Upgrades Logistics, Martyrdom, Medicine, Tower Shield
Units Armored Elephant, Camel, Fire Galley, Scythe Chariot, Slinger
Ensemble's RoR pageinsider information
Microsoft's Rise of Rome page very much information about the expansion
RoR scoop in the MSN Zone with first hand tips for the game


RoR buildings the new tileset
RoR terrain new terrain types
Misc. screenshots some in-game screenshots
Rise of Rome logo the official logo

Last update: 99/02/18


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