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File Description Author, ©
Patch 1.0b (98/05, 1.0 MB) Allows you to customize the unit limit and fixes the "Two town Centers" bug. Has also a lot of other improvements. Read the description of the patch for more information. Ensemble Studios


File Description Author, ©
Rise of Rome Trial (21.32 Mb) The stand-alone trial version of the upcoming Rise of Rome expansion. Allows play with the Romans, Carthaginians, Persians, and Babylonians. New units are the slinger, camel rider, and fire galley. Multiplayer is supported on the Zone and there is also a 3 scenario Carthaginian campaign. Ensemble Studios
Age of Empires Editor (5.32 Mb) A great editor that allows you to create and modify .ai and .per files. Includes .per commands not listed in the AoE CD! Infymus
Sound edit 1.00 The first AoE sound editor that allows you to extract and replace all unit sounds! S. Chen
Daboo Alpha2 (433 KB) Daboo! is a sound editor for the sounds.drs file in Microsoft's Age of Empires. It provides quick and easy access to the WAV's stored inside, allowing anyone to edit, listen, or export individual WAVs. Dave Smith (Bryn)
AoEWavEx sound editor v2.1 (150 KB) Extract or edit all 144 sounds from SOUNDS.DRS, listen to sounds while extracting. Play sound(s) directly from SOUNDS.DRS. Backup current SOUNDS.DRS. Restore backup. The only sound editor that works with RoR. Juha Rahko
Drs builder (41 KB) MS AoE DRS Resource Builder/Extractor Utility (command line program, read the description first!) To avoid copyright problems, please contact me before releasing a Mod pack officially. S. Ratchev
Drs Explorer (2612 KB) Age of Empires Data Resource (.DRS) Explorer Utility - offers the same functionality like DRSbuild, but with a graphical user interface. To avoid copyright problems, please contact me before releasing a Mod pack officially. Daniel Roe
SLP to BMP converter (47 KB) A command line utility for extracting .SLP files (pictures) from the AoE resources files and building a new graphics.drs file. Use it together with Drsbuild. Also read these instructions if you need help. Joseph Knight
SLP studio (378 KB) View, extract, and replace any file found in a DRS file, as well as change and save SLP files. Joseph Knight
Image extractor (1033 KB) GUI to the SLP to BMP converter program. Contains all necessary files for running the program, including the command line utilities. Boon
Cpn builder (31 KB) CPNBUILD is a command-line utility for building MS Age Of Empires campaign files (.CPN) from scenario files (.SCN). It supports such actions as: adding/replacing, deleting, extracting, listing scenarios, and changing the versions of scenarios in campaign files. S. Ratchev
AI editor (219 KB) AI editor to customize computer opponents. It has some cool features. This program is Shareware. Please register. More info in the readme file. GopherBroke
Random game generator (26 KB) Excel 95/97 spreadsheet to generate random settings for games to 'force' people to use different teams and make things more challenging and competitive. Boon
Speed changer (146 KB) Changes the speed setting in Age of Empires. The game gives you the options of Normal, Fast, and Very Fast, but with this program you can set the speed to any value between 0 and 255. Aether

Mod packs

File Description Author, ©
Test modpack (129 KB) Here it is at last the FIRST AGE OF EMPIRES MODPACK - the first attempt for user customization of both AoE graphics and sounds. Small to download, easy to install, try & uninstall. Don't expect much from it as a modpack, regard it as a sample to show how real modpacks can be created. S. Ratchev
Mod (from taunts) (750 KB) A mod consisting of some of the sounds that can be found at the taunts page. Some pretty funny sounds from "Star Wars" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" can be found there. Mythlord
Tribe name patch (45 KB) This patch replaces the file 'language.dll' which stores all the textual information used by the game. All the names of the tribes have been updates for the 90's. Mike Lovell

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