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This is a part of the readme file:

This program is Shareware. Please register. Send $5.00 US check or money order to

Len Goforth
711 Mill Street #16
Springfield, OR USA 97477

If you cannot come up with $5.00, please at least send email and say thanks.

Set up

  1. Unzip the file into your \AoE\data directory.
  2. Open Windows Explorer, and resize the window so that some of your desktop shows.
  3. With Explorer, go to your \AoE\data directory.
  4. Drag GB_AoE_AIedit.exe to your desktop (this makes a shortcut).

To Run

Double click the shortcut on the desktop.

The Help File

The Help file contains some useful information on how to use the editor, and it also has some tips on making your .ai file. Please read this before asking for tech support.

Use Instructions

There are two modes of editing Switch back and forth between editing modes to get the most out of the editor. You'll find that you can accomplish a lot in a little time, and there are some very convenient features.

When an existing file is opened, the description is changed to what the program understands for depencies. Do not be alarmed if the description does not match the origninal file's. Please note the code in the leftmost column. This is what is important (I believe). If you find errors in column 1 (the code), or column 4 (the dependency), please let me know. The column postions are

    1 -  code
    10 - description
    31 - quantity of item to be trained/built
    38 - dependency

Cool stuff

Use the menu item Search/Count to count any particular unit. Each unit that you count is added to the list. If you want to copy this count list to the file you are working on, click the Create Comment button on the Count Form. You can clear the list at any time. However, it remains intact until you clear it. This list can be edited in NORMAL mode.

Use the villager count Refesh button if you edit the count column in Normal mode.

The status bar at the bottom of the main form displays the current file name, the editing mode, and an asterisk if the file has been edited.

Improvements, bugs, and suggestions

If you find something that needs to be fixed, please help by letting me know. If you have suggestions for improving the program, such as additional features, I am all ears. Please address all bug reports, technical questions, and suggestions to me, NOT TO Ensemble Studios or Microsoft Games. Ensemble Studios and Microsoft WILL NOT support this product.

A Final Word

AoE is a fine product. It is technically excellent (well, it could be a little better). The folks at Ensemble Studios have been very gracious in answering technical questions, and are very friendly. I wish to express my thanks to Ian Fischer and Dave Pottinger for their timely support, as well as countless others at Ensemble who have been of assistance.

Contact Information

Len Goforth
Springfield, OR USA

Please address all correspondence concerning this program to the email address above.

Please register. Have fun! If you come up with a super cool .ai file, email it along - I'd love to see it.

Len Goforth

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