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Age of Empires tips

This page contains miscellanous tips and documentations.

Cheats All cheat codes that are known so far.
Errata errata for the techtree and manual; by SimMayor.
Ftp crash course How to upload and download files.
Glossary for people who are new to RTS games
Hotkeys A list of some hotkeys - made by Smog.
How to set up a LAN Got sick of the lag in the internet? Here's the alternative!
How to use ICQ Find new players to play AoE with online
Lag what it is, and what to do about it
Taunts A list of all taunts, and a selection of the coolest ones.
Troubleshooting If the game crashes after a while - E Pluribus
Zone etiquette What to do and what not to do - by E Pluribus

Last update: 98/09/18


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