Term Meaning
AoE, AOE Age of Empires
ES, Ensemble Ensemble Studios (they made the game, not Microsoft)
HP Hit points (e. g. 120 for a Hoplite)
Armor Defense against melee damage (see combat equation for more info)
Piercing armor Defense against missile damage
Missile weapons Archery range units, towers, Scout ship, War galley, Trireme
Siege weapons/ships Siege Workshop units, Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught
Melee/hand-to-hand units Barracks, Academy, Stable units (except War Elephant)
Peons, Peasants Villagers
Jugg Juggernaught
Cat Catapult
Dumbo, Phant War or food Elephant
Hopper Academy unit (Hoplite)
Compies Composite Bowmen
Cav, Lone rangers Cavalry units
Axer Axeman
1 o'clock
A practical way of telling the direction (invented by pilots). Imagine an analog watch over the map. You can thus easily tell which sector of the map you mean. By giving the distance to the center of the map, you can designate spots on the map easily and fairly accurate.

Tower: You have traffic at 10 o'clock, 6 miles!
Pilot: Give us another hint, we have digital watches!


navigating with the clock
Stonehenge Ruin :)
Town Hall Town Center (Warcraft players know what a Town Hall is)
Yard, Ship yard Dock
Open? Ask this after entering the chat room to see whether you can play the game
FFA Free for all (everyone vs everyone, no teams allowed with <4 players)
DM Deathmatch
co-op cooperative play (vs the computer, good for beginners)
brb be right back (used in chat or when pausing the game)
rtc return to chat (e. g. if someone has screwed up the settings or got disconnected)
gg good game. You say this if you have lost a game and want to be nice ;)
glgp "Good luck, going private". A way of reminding beginners to switch chat settings to allies (it is even more obsolete in FFA games)
tvb "Top versus bottom": an easy way to arrange teams in a multiplayer game
afk "Away from keyboard"
lol Laughing out loud
rotfl Rolling on the floor laughing
cya see you
CU L8R See you later

Thanks to Smog, ThumP, Ryan and AragornSr for helping me to complete this list.

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