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This page has all the unit statistics, but no tactics - if you are looking for detailed unit descriptions and strategies, go to the strategy guide.

Age of Empires units

Statistics of all buildings including building times - by BlackDouglas
Statistics of all units by BlackDouglas - including extra information
Statistics of all units by Torkild (109 K, needs Acrobat Reader 3.0)
Table with all land units picture by Ensemble Studios
Technologies all upgrades, with research time - by BlackDouglas
The 12 tribes including a printable page of the civ. attributes
The 12 techtrees can also be found on the AoE CD
The full techtree (334 K, needs Acrobat Reader 3.0)
The full techtree as a gif (2116 x 641), 511 K

For a more detailed analysis of all units, look at the table at the strategy page.

The tech trees and the unit pictures are by Ensemble Studios.


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