How to use ICQ

If you ask yourself what the ICQ list is about, you will find the answer here.

Download and set up ICQ

ICQ is the world's largest internet online communication network, © by
Mirabilis. You will find a link to the latest version of ICQ at that page. The setup program is quite easy to use, you will be guided through each step. The only problem that can arise is that you cannot connect to the Mirabilis server; if this error persists for a while, stop the setup process and try again later.

Adding new people to your contact list

In ICQ98, you just have to press the "Add/Find Users" button when ICQ is open, then select "Main Search". Everything is explained in the help file. Sometimes you cannot add people to your list because an authorization is required. In this case, do not forget to enter a reason and tell the other person who you are - most people will not want messages from people they do not know. Type "I am looking for AoE players" if you have to enter a reason for the request.

Play a game with other people

You can easily see who is only in the ICQ contact list. Send messages to all the players or use the chat module to organize the game. Then right click on the player who is the host and select "Info" to see his IP number. This is the number you will have to enter for the TCP/IP game. Do not forget to close ICQ and all other programs before starting the game, because you will need all the bandwidth and CPU capacity you can get. As you can see, ICQ makes arranging games very easy and convenient; and it offers far more than that. Go ahead and
download ICQ now!

The ICQ list

The ICQ list will let you find many other AoE players easily. I recommend that you choose players from a country near yours, because the time zone difference will not be large, and you will have a faster connection. Have fun, and become a member of the
AoE ICQ list now!

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