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There are a few errors and many things left out in the AOE manual and tech tree foldout. The most important of those things are covered on this page.

Tech tree fouldout corrections


Sim Mayor's calculation about conversion was incorrect, though. "If a priest can convert normal units with probability of 30%, for chariots its only about 4%!". He refers to the probability of converting a unit within a given amount of time. Warning, much math is coming now ;)
You have to look at the probability that a unit is not converted during n time intervals, which is (1-p)n, p being the "conversion probability". Obviously, this value approaches zero for larger n, but never actually gets zero, so it might (theoretically) take an infinite amount of time to convert a unit.
So what you have to take as a measure is the average conversion time, which is
int(t * P[X=t], t=0..infinity) = int(t* (1-p)t, t=0..infinity) (weighted average)
and compare the resulting t's. Since we have nifty programs like MAPLE today, we do not have to solve this ourselves :)
The ratio between the average conversion times for normal units and chariots is
int(t* (1-p1)**t, t=0..infinity)/int(t* (1-p2)**t, t=0..infinity);
which is 7.14 for p1=0.3 and p2=0.04. However, if we change p2 only slightly to 0.05, the ratio turns out to be 6.19, which is still much. So I need the exact probabilities pi to make a precise statement, but I think that the average time to convert a chariot is not 8 times higher than for normal units - maybe around 3.66 times (p1 = 0.1).

However, some empiric tests run by DarkDruid indicate that Chariots are indeed some 7 times tougher than normal units. Probably Rick Goodman who told me the numbers has not remembered them correctly.

Manual corrections

for the massive 32-page manual

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