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Posted by E Pluribus on Thursday, 20 November, at 9:50 a.m.


Here are some etiquette pointers for zone players:
  1. Make sure you have a good enough system to handle the number of players selected.
  2. If you want something other than 6 players, change the setting!
  3. Make the title of the game indicate the type of game, ie: "Deathmatch 1/1", "Inland Teams", "Coastal FFA", "Cheaters".
  4. Do not spam the message board... if they could not read it the first time they will not be able to read it the second. Rule of thumb: Wait until someone new enters the zone before posting the ad again.
  5. Wait to answer questions from people entering the zone game before launching the game.
  6. Be patient. How many times has a host launched a game just before that last player popped in?
  7. If someone has too much latency, ask them to leave and tell them why. Boot them only if they do not leave.
  8. Organize the game. Example: Suggest which players are on what team.
  9. Click "I'm Ready" as soon as you are ready to show that you are not going to change the settings at the last moment. Do not wait for others' to click ready.
  10. Boot any player who is being annoying (ie: they WILL NOT get ready).


  1. Do not enter a game unless you see a green "+" in the corner.
  2. Do not enter a newbie game unless you really are new (unless you just cannot compete with veterans).
  3. Yes, "pass the wood" was funny the first time we all heard it a month ago. Notice the use of past tense in that sentance.
  4. Be sure to read the settings and tell the host if you have a preference.
  5. Be polite before the game starts unless you LIKE people ganging up on you.
  6. Do not engage your allies in a deep philosophical conversation. They are probably more concerned with focusing on their units and trying to survive or prepare an assault.
  7. Before you tell your allies where exactly you are on the map, make sure you select allies-only in the chat window.
  8. Inform your allies when you are being invaded and by what sort of units (ie does the enemy predominately use infantry or artillary or a combination?).
Please add more if you can think of any.
E Pluribus

I have only one thing to add right now: Do not change the game speed during the game. The name of the player who changed the speed will be shown anyway, so there are no unfair tricks possible anymore (tricks that were possible in Warcraft 2).

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