AoE Speed changer

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"Here's a little program I wrote to change the speed setting in Age of Empires. The game gives you the options of Normal, Fast, and Very Fast, but with this program you can set the speed to any value between 0 and 255.
Check out the Java Junkie setting (255); on my system (2x200), the birds fly by like F-16s, and the animals all seem to have some sort of nervous condition...if your villager runs into a lion, he'll be dead before he screams. Of course, I don't expect anyone to actually _play_ the game like this.

Of course, no guarantees that it won't trash your system, but it does have basic error handling, so it should be ok.

I've also included the C++ Builder source in case anyone cares how it's done or wants to go further with it.
I don't know how the speed works in multi-player games, but I can think of a few options. The first is everyone goes at the speed of the slowest player, the second is that (as you [Telcontar] suggested) the host sets the speed. (...) In any case, the aoespeed program shouldn't cause any problems, since if a common speed is set among all players, it would still have to be transmitted as an numeric value.

Another important note that I shouldn've mentioned earlier: aoespeed won't change the game's speed while aoe is running. Aoe apparently only checks the registry value at startup."

Download it (146 K)

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