Tribe name patch (45 KB)

File Name (45 KB)
Date 10/1/98 (UK)
Author Mike Lovell
Additional Credits Rob Lovell for his assistance with the new tribe names --- You'll find him at

This patch replaces the file 'language.dll' which stores all the textual information used by the game. All the names of the tribes have been updates for the 90's. Since this patch only alters a minor aspect of the game it still remains compatible with other versions when playing on 'Game Zone'. Unzip the contents of the archieve into your 'Age of Empires' directory. Then Double click on 'install', if you wish to return to the original settings at any time, Double click on 'restore'.

This archive is completly free and can be freely distributed. Just remember ---- I DID IT!!!

    Mike Lovell

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