Rise of Rome - upgrades

Logistics not available for Minoan, Macedonia, Palmyra
"Barracks units (except Slingers) only count as half units toward your population, so you can essentially exceed the population limit by building Barracks units. For example, if the population limit is 50 and you build 20 normal units [mainly villagers], you can build 60 Barracks units (for a total of 80 units) without exceeding the population limit."
180 food
100 gold
This is, IMHO, clearly the most interesting upgrade. For a modest cost, it gives the "swordmen rush" civilizations (Choson and Roman) the edge they need. Imagine an attack with 50 legions doing 50% more damage with their faster attack (Roman legions) or having 240 hit points (Choson)! This will certainly make these civilizations more popular, and allow some true rushes. Of course you can try your luck much earlier, before getting the legion upgrade ...
Excluding the slinger is a slight drawback, because they would mix up nicely with a horde of swordsmen (having the same speed and being also a low-cost unit).
Martyrdom not available for Greece, Hittite, Minoan, Yamato, Macedonia, Palmyra
"Lets you instantly convert an enemy unit by sacrificing one of your Priests. You cannot use Martyrdom to convert an enemy Priest."
600 gold The Kamikaze upgrade :) Even though sacrificing priests in this way is expensive, it can be a very effective way to convert units like war ships that are always "hard to get" or expensive key units like transports and catapults. If they do not exclude transports from the effect, this upgrade will become a killer upgrade and will have to be patched :)
For the Choson tribe, this upgrade is just perfect, because their priests are 1/3 cheaper.
Medicine not available for Hittite, Yamato, Macedonia, Palmyra
"Increases Priest's healing rate."
150 gold This looks like the regenerating trolls from Warcraft 2 to me. Appealing at the first look, but since healing is usually done after combat rather than durig it, the speed of the healing process does not matter much. Of course you can heal a unit under attack in AoE, but this requires a lot of micromanagement, and is usually just to use the priest until he has regained his "faith". Healing a dying unit will not make you win a losing battle now. It remains to be seen how fast the improved healing is.
Tower Shield not available for Assyria, Babylon, Choson, Egypt, Sumer, Yamato, Palmyra
"+1 infantry armor against Ballista, Helepolis, and missile weapons. Only infantry and Academy units benefit from this technology."
250 food
400 gold
The improved version of the Iron Shield. The Iron Shield was a very effective upgrade against missiles, but also rather expensive. The Tower Shield will probably be the most expensive technology available (except for super units), so it is probably the upgrade of your choice when you have reached the population limit and lots of resources. It also looks pretty cool :)

There are detailed historic descriptions of each upgrade available at Microsoft's Rise of Rome page. You will not find them here, because I did not want to copy other pages. The descriptions have been taken from that page, though, because I do not have the expansion yet :)

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