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Unit?AgeCostUpgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain at
Armored ElephantEIron170 40 1000 food 1200 gold600 18 + Siegecraft21 piercingslowStables
Description: Finally the little villagers in the game figured out that armoring elephants is a good idea ;)   Seriously, this upgrade removes the biggest weakness of the War Elephant (having no armor at all to start with). Now you can upgrade your elephants up to 8 armor, as opposed to 6 before. The Armored Elephant also has Siegecraft, more attack strength, and piercing armor. Get ready to rumble ;)

Unit?AgeCostUpgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain at
Camel Rider?Bronze70 60 -125 6 [+4 .. 8]-- fastStables
Description: +8 attack vs. cavalry, Scout, Horse Archer; +4 attack vs. chariots - this makes the camel a good counter against cavalry rushes. Of course there are other units that are stronger than cavalry units, but they are too slow for following the cavalry. Now defensive players have a much better chance. Maybe the attackers come now with camels, too :)

Unit?AgeCostUpgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain atfire rate
Fire Galley?Iron135 40 (War galley needed)200 24-1 fastDock1/1s
Description: Fire Galleys take +10 damage from Ballista and Helepolis, +15 damage from other Stone Throwers, Catapults, Heavy Catapults, Catapult Triremes, and Juggernaughts. However, they are stronger than Triremes in short range naval battle. They are the "melee unit of the sea" :) and will revive sea battles, and area that was not too popular in the original version of AoE. Alchemy gives them a whopping +6 damage! With their fast fire rate (1 shot/second, 5 times faster than Juggernaughts), they will probably become key units in sea battles. Note that this unit is disabled with the option "full techtree" chosen.

Unit?AgeCostUpgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain at
Scythe Chariot?Iron40 60 1200 food 800 gold120 92- fastStables
Description: +7 attack vs. Priest. Scythed wheels damage adjacent enemy units. The Nobility upgrade is needed for them. Seems to be a very expensive upgrade for me if I look at the stats only. The scythed wheels will make a differnence, though - I cannot wait to see them maiming through villagers :>

Unit?AgeCostUpgrade costHPDamageRangeArmorSpeedTrain at
Slinger?Tool40 10 -25 2 [+2]4+2 piercing slowBarracks
Description: +2 attack against archers; increased attack against walls and towers. Stone mining gives them a +1 attack and range bonus, as does the Heavy Catapult upgrade. They are cheaper than archers, yet they win against archers in hand to hand combat; against Axemen, though, they will lose. This makes them a good defensive unit, countering early archer attacks.

There are detailed historic descriptions of each unit available at Microsoft's Rise of Rome page. You will not find them here, because I did not want to copy other pages. The descriptions have been taken from that page, though, because I do not have the expansion yet :)

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