AoE reviews

Age of Empires reviewed by the press

PC Gaming World (Oct 97)

Rating: 5 / 5
"Gorgeous graphics, superb gameplay, challenging and thought provoking scenarios, real time excitement" "Sid Meier fans cover your eyes – this is better than Civ II !!!!!"

Game Center

Rating: 5 / 5
"The best real-time historical wartime I've ever seen…"

CD Magazine

Rating: 5 / 5
"Ensemble and Microsoft have delivered a masterpiece"

PC Game

Rating: 5 / 5

Games Mansion

Rating: 5 / 5
"Microsoft's game division finally comes up with the goods with this stunning Civilization killer."

Computer Games Strategy Plus Magazine, December 1997

Rating: 5 / 5
"Ensemble and Microsoft have delivered a masterpiece"


Top 10 game of the year
"This just may be the title that makes us gamers develop a soft spot in our heart for The Evil Empire"


#2 Strategy Game of 1997
"Microsoft's first truly good game"
[ That is also what I have said ;) ]


Rating: 4 / 5
"Strong multiplayer, a large number of races with individual characteristics, lots of play variants, and a creative design"

Game Power

Rating: 3.5 / 4
"Not only the best game Microsoft has ever had the privilege of publishing, but possibly the best strategy game of the year."


Rating: 96%
"You know those games that you load up "just for a minute" to check out the demo and end up looking up at the clock at 3 a.m.? This is one of those."

PC Zone

Rating: 94%
PC Zone Classic Award "Utterly Brilliant" "Strategy fans, invest in this game among games. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed."

PC Gamer, Germany (Nov 97)

Rating: 93%
"For me, AoE is simply THE strategy trip."

PC Gamer (Oct 97)

Rating: 92%
PC Gamers Game of Distinction award "Age of Empires is better than Warcraft 2"


Rating: 9.2
"I had staff members huddled up around my desk to the point where they were getting in the way… I could hardly go to sleep at night because I wanted to just "play one more game"".

PC Home (Nov 97)

Rating: 92%
PC Home Game of the Month "Buy! Buy! Buy!" "Look, if you're into this sort of game, buy it. Not only is the single player game tops, with excellent scenarios, the multiplayer game is fantastic. Buy! Buy! Buy!"

PC Review (Oct 97)

Rating: 9/10
PC Review's Recommended award "We think it's safe to proclaim Age of Empires the new king of Strategy Wargames" "Beautiful graphics and incredibly enjoyable gameplay"

PC Format (Nov 97)

Rating: 87%
"Age of Empires is possibly the best-designed real-time wargame ever."

Total Annihilation and Dark Reign

PCGames (Germany)

Total Annihilation=85%
Dark Reign=78%


Total Annihilation=4 of 5
Dark Reign=4 of 5


Total Annihilation=9.3 of 10
Dark Reign=9.2 of 10


Total Annihilation=9 of 10
Dark Reign=9.5 of 10


Total Annihilation=4 of 4
Dark Reign=4 of 4


Total Annihilation=4.5 of 5
Dark Reign=N/A

Online Gaming Review

Total Annihilation=9.4 of 10
Dark Reign=7.1 of 10 (ouch !!!)

Psycho News

Total Annihilation=10 of 10
Dark Reign=9 of 10


Total Annihilation=9 of 10
Dark Reign=N/A


Total Annihilation=9 of 10
Dark Reign=N/A (site down, will get score when up)


Total Annihilation=94%
Dark Reign=N/A

Computer Gaming Online

Total Annihilation=4.5 of 5
Dark Reign=3.5 of 5 (ouch again!!!!)

Thanks go to Mr. Grinch for assembling this huge list.

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