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Why not save yourself some time and visit the following Age of Empires web site?   We recommend  it for the following reasons: Find Telcontar's AOE Page here: 

The Sucker's AoE page:

The Ultimate Age of Empires award

The Gamecenter Underground:

The Gamecenter Underground award

Your Web site has been chosen by the Gamecenter editors to be listed as a Hot Site in the Gamecenter Underground--the definitive listing of the best underground gaming sites on the Net!

The best AoE pages around:

Review from March 15:
Telcontar's AOE page is beautiful. It is well organized, updated daily, and the content it includes it unbelievable. Some of the many features this page has is its detailed Strategy page which is recommened for any type of skill player in AOE. It tells you everything you need to know about different building positions, to the advantages of the races. Another feature is multitude of different scenarios he has which are used all over AOE. This is a very well-mannered page with excellent conetent for the AOE player or un-AOE player.
I give it 5 stars out of 5!

NewHoo Cool Site

NewHoo Cool Site award

The website has been designated a Cool Site in the NewHoo Games/Computer_Games/Strategy/Age_of_Empires category at
Hi. I wanted to let you know that I've chosen your site as the best Age of Empires site in NewHoo, and you've won the NewHoo cool site award. Nice site!

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