My suggestions

Old suggestions (some of them are already implemented)

  1. gates
  2. formation commands: keep formation, break up, gather, spread out
  3. longbow upgrade (for composite bowmen), then crossbow, heavy crossbow
  4. disease weapon for catapults: high damage radius (e. g. 5x5 ormore), all units get infected and die slowly unless healed by villagers or priests (more effective than villagers)
  5. more ship types (e. g. a slow but powerful ship vs fast ones)
  6. ability to train a hero in multiplayer once in a game for a high cost in the Iron Age (different heroes for each tribe)
  7. more resistance to conversion for elephants (+ 50%)
  8. shorter build/training time after deleting a building/unit
  9. female priests with different spells: e. g. calm (unit stops attacking but can still defend itself when hurt), despair (suicide, weaker but faster than conversion, needs less faith)
  10. explosives (sapper units) (Gunpowder Age)
  11. not much larger techtree (the new techtree will be larger, but not much larger)
  12. option to display all enemy buildings with the same tileset (easier for beginners)
  13. more music tracks (CD audio): maybe 2cds, one for installing, one for playing (containing the cutscenes and audio)
  14. more cutscenes (one cutscene for a campaign maps)
  15. sound editor
  16. pcx screenshots
  17. 16 or 32 players for LAN (controlling 8 or more tribes)
  18. larger maps for LAN than for internet, higher unit limit for LAN
  19. savegame option for LAN
  20. longer beta test phase
  21. heroes: should be immune to conversion
  22. super-groups: group selected groups in a new group (like in Micrografx Designer or Adobe Photoshop). Use: you can devide your army into sections according to their function and still move all guys as one group.
  23. alternative: possibility to have units belong to several groups at once
  24. if the player gives contradicting commands, that's his problem :)
  25. upgrades from priest to bishop (are another unit that is ranked higher in the clerical caste - I'm no expert at this): you could thus summarize several upgrades in one and shrink the tech tree, making room for new inventions
  26. upgrade: mining below ground. Lets you get more gold after all mines above ground are emptied.
  27. option to kill your guys in a transport that has been converted (otherwise the enemy can reduce your unit limit with this trick)
  28. computer ally that controls a part of your tribe (e. g. production, scouts, or siege weapons)
  29. customizable deatmatch resource stock
  30. customizable random seed for random maps (for rematches)
  31. customizable cheat codes (this would indeed be a funny feature, and quite easy to implement - the only drawback is that you have to give the cheat codes away in a file like cheats.txt). The idea is that evry player can have his own cheat codex, e. g. he could use PIZZA DIAVOLO instead of PEPPERONI PIZZA :)
  32. hotkeys for all buildings (fully customizable)
  33. hotkeys to select all units of a particular type that are visible (F keys) - like in Dark Colony
  34. "action" button/hotkey that brings you directly to the action that caused a sound (e. g. attack, new unit popping out of the barracks, upgrade)
  35. option to disable win95 key and f1
  36. save and check the tcp/ip address used in the last session

New suggestions (based on more information about the sequel)

  1. map editor saves only differences from blank/random scenario if appropriate, stores changes in stack - UNDO option
  2. improved customizability of random maps: choose number of expansions per player (may be a fractional value), along with the sizes of the resource patches and forests; expansion = island or place (usually hills) with a forest and mines
  3. Linux port of the game (please)
  4. the game should not need a better machine than AoE1
  5. shift from early Middle Age to Gunpowder Age: the devastating power of the new weapons may unbalance the game, so add a certain uncertainity for the first weapons (they are a kind of prototype): cannons could explode when shooting, guns don't always fire (as in real life)
  6. ships with cannons can only fire a broadside (a disadvantage against triremes)
  7. zoom for the main map (two levels: the current view and a view where everything is 50% smaller) for a better overview; less animations at that level so it does not need 50% more RAM for graphics (maybe using only icons for mobile land units, or a wireframe model for buildings)
  8. world maps (scrolls and wraps automatically)
  9. functions keys with messages (like the taunts in AoE1, but with text, and fully customizable) for multiplayer communication (like in Diablo)
  10. option to transmit locations to other players (e. g. press a hotkey, click at the map = "attack there" or "resources here" or "help me out here")
  11. option to re-join a game after being dropped, computer handles that player meanwhile (does not build new units but rebuilds farms etc. and defends the base as good as possible)
  12. less micromanagement (fishing ships look for fish after being created, farms are rebuilt if possible)
  13. ability to destroy units and gain back some resources
  14. fully customizable start resources (may be different for each player if good player play vs newbies)
  15. map editor: option to create minimaps in .gif format, map previewer (does not load the entire game, for Kali games)
  16. full documentation of the resource files (allows people to replace graphics and sounds etc.)

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