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  1. The town hall stage

  2. Overall strategies

  3. The Keep stage

  4. The Castle Stage

  5. Miscellaneous

  6. Readers' strategies

Last update: 97/10/18

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This strategy guide is made for multiplayer matches, not for playing against the computer! And I will never add cheats to the strategy guide. Please don't email how to play against the AI and don't ask for cheats. The AI is so easy to beat anyway so I don't think you need any cheats. Thanks.

I'm looking for your best strategies! If you know a good tip for Warcraft 2, let me know! I'll either add it to the corresponding chapter then or to the new section ("Readers' strategies"). Of course you will get credit for your suggestions.

This is not the best strategy guide. There are some better ones around. For more tactics, look at Shlonglor's strategy page. This is the most detailed strategy guide available.
That one is probably also the strategy guide that inspired most others - including this one. However, I've tried not to make another copy of it, but to add my own knowledge as well.

Methos' strategy guide covers a wide array too, from building up a town to advanced use of spells. It may be too difficult for beginners. My guide covers only the most important tricks and tactics without more details than you need to know.

Footman and grunt or town hall and great hall mean the same. The differences between ogres and humans are shown in the spell sections.

means that these strats have been added less than a week ago (at the time when updated).


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