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What are the KPUDs ...

The KPUD's (for Kali and Kahn PUD's) are a set of 'standard' PUD files to be used in multi-player games for Kali, Kahn, and Mac internet play. Their purpose is to extend the set of available PUD's for internet players and make that set available for free to everyone. In order for this concept to be successful, many players must participate by providing and using the KPUD's, helping choose which PUD's are part of KPUD collection, and spreading the word to all internet Warcraft II players.

The maps chosen to be KPUDs have gone through a rigorous process of play testing and evaluation. These PUDs all have fair starting postions and well thought out resource amounts, and provide a variety of scenarios to satisfy all tastes and skill levels.

Downloading and Installing the KPUD Release maps

Playing on the KPUD Kali Server

KPUD now has its own Kali Server. Come to -]Warcraft KPUD (previously OneNet Kali Ser). This server is #267 in the Kali Server list and has an IP address of

Visit the KPUD Home Page for Current News and Updates

This mirror site contains only the released KPUD's which will not be changing often. To find out more about the KPUD project and what is new, visit the KPUD Home Page which contains information on the following:

Search engine for the KPUDs

Finally, a full text search in all .txt files is available (released KPUD set only). This service is only available at the mirror site right now, not yet at the KPUD main page.

KPUD Administrator: Bill Wright (aka MugWump) /
KPUD Mirror site administrator: Telcontar

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