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Strategy pages

Kali Logo Methos' strategy guide: Advanced strategies that can't be found elsewhere on the net

Kali Logo Wicked Al's Warcraft II page specializes in strategies. Check back often, it is updated daily in most cases

Kali Logo Dioxide's War2 page: everything about WarCraft II! Strategies, graphics, info, downloads, and more!

Kali Logo KillKrazy's War2 page includes stories, strategies, a special message for newbies, and more

Kali Logo Erhnam's Warcraft II page: the place to go for Warcraft 2 strategies

PUD pages

Pudland includes maps for any number of players plus a comprehensive link list

Chris' Warcraft II Page: PUDs for any number of players, campaigns and a search engine

Kali Logo KPUDs: Multiplayer PUDs for Kali and Kahn

Cameron's PUD/Campaign page: home of Weapons of Our Warfare and the tilesets

Other pages

Mac LogoStallion's Warcraft II page has plenty of tips, maps and a Mac section

Mac LogoPaladin Man's Warcraft II page: downloads and PUDs for MacIntosh

Planet Galen Ekorre: cool animated War2 gifs and other stuff in here!

Kali Logo Thy World of Warcraft is filled with useful strats, downloads, and other cool stuff.

Cykadelik's Warcraft Page: Strategies, many downloads, spells, links and more

Canon's Warcraft Page specializes in utilities and midi sounds

Ultimate Warcraft has a comprehensive link list (with links to all game mags)

Ultimate War2 page: contains lots of funny stuff and insane strategies

Peon Slayer's Warcraft2 page: now better than ever!

Orcish HQ: with one of the net's largest file areas and only quality puds

Cyberkarkas' page: the page of the most talented War2 gif artist

Last update: 98/03/09; Mac Logo = this page offers Mac files Kali Logo = this page has a Kali section

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