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Blizzard is the most powerful spell in Warcraft - at least concerning the damage. Death and Decay and Blizzard work identically, so I usually refer to both races.

Blizzard uses 25 mana and damages nine squares within a 5 x 5 target area. The spell gets stronger as it lasts longer. The death knight/mage that casts the spell is immune to its damage. Because buildings have much more hit points than units, you can use blizzard in your own town, too. The buildings will be damaged but not gone (of course you should stop the blizzard after casting it four times). Just make sure no tower is nearby :-)


Towers need three to five casts of blizzard to be killed, sometimes even six. This is because a tower is rather small and sometimes the nine squares where the blizzard wave hits are more often outside the tower. I usually cast it four times against guard towers and five times against cannon towers. You still can take down two towers like that, and then, your mage will be killed anyway.

If multiple towers are standing close together, aim the blizzard between the towers; if you're lucky, one tower will be gone and the other damaged. Then, two or three blizzard waves will be enough to destroy the second tower.

Other buildings

A full blizzard (250 mana) does not always destroy a farm but it is never bad to cast a full blizzard on an area where too many buildings are standing close together. To finish off larger (3 x 3) buildings, use two mages or one mage with knights. A fortress usually survives two full blizzards. Normally you should not use blizzards to destroy capital buildings and go for enemy units or peons first. You can create far more havoc by killing 10+ units instead of a single building.


Humans can protect a mage who is casting a blizzard around himself with healing. Make sure the blizzard hits both an enemy unit and your mage at the beginning. Then the enemies will try to kill the mage and you can heal him with the paladins. The only chance to prevent the death of lots of units is to retreat or go for the paladins who are standing outside the blizzard. The orcs can try to use unholy armor but it doesn't last very long. Anyway make sure the mage can cast his blizzard at least four times so it is strong enough to kill enemy units. You should kill at least two units; then, your opponent loses more gold than you.

Shaf's magebomb

Shaf (without t) has found out a much better way to attack enemies with blizzard. The point is, if you try to attack the units with your first blizzard already, they will kill your mage easily. If you don't hit an enemy with your first blizzard, they will ignore you. So what you should do is cast a blizzard around the mage for five times (to protect him) and then once at the enemies. They will see the mage and charge him. You only have to aim the Blizzard back at the mage to protect him, and he will kill lots of enemies (and probably die, too).

double blizzard, step one

Double Blizzard

This is a very effective trick. You need two mages or death knights with full mana for that. The first mage casts a blizzard around himself, outside the range of the enemies (first picture). In the picture, the dk has cast the d & d one matrix away from his position. He will be surrounded by the spell but his companion will be unscathed. Wait until the blizzard has reached some power (about four times casted) and then use your second mage to blizzard the enemies (second picture). double blizzard, step two Set the blizzard three matrices away from the nearest enemy so he will only be touched by its outer edge. Thus the enemies will have to run through two blizzards, and most of them will die doing so. The few enemies that actually reach your first mage/dk will die because the blizzard around him finishes them off.

The Killing Fields

This is a simple but very effective strategy. Try to sneak into the enemy town (human players have an easy job with invisibility, orcish players must catch their opponents at poorly guarded mines) and stand into the peon line. Cast a blizzard around yourself and the peon drop like flies. There is not much you can do against it. Make sure at least one walled in cannon tower and some archers are protecting the mine. The archers should not block the mining peasants. Then, if a mage turns visible, he will die quickly. Your opponent will have to take the tower out first, so you'll be warned.

Defense against blizzard

Human players can use exorcism or polymorph to stop a dk, but orcs are in real trouble. An upgraded catapult is an option if you can protect it (that depends from the map); the mage will be dead after one catapult shot (if not, try to kill him with any unit, even peons). One death coil will hurt the mage but not kill him, but if you cast two of them quickly, the damage from the mage can be greatly reduced. The scary thing is that death knights can not only easily be finished off by two different human spells, but they can also not use invisibility to sneak into a human town. So orcs must make sure that human players don't get too many mages - you should invade with bloodlusted ogres before you get dks.

A very good defense against all blizzard tricks is to scatter your units. If few units are standing together, a magebomb or double blizzard will be much less effective. And if you are mining several mines at once, an attack at the killing fields will kill less peons and won't stop your resource flow.

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