Readers' strategies

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Invisible Blizzard

Take 6 mages and take them to the enemy town. Have 3 mages cast invisibility on the other 3. Have the 3 invisible mages move to different parts of the enemy town. have the other 3 mages cast blizzard on buildings on the outer parts of the city. When the enemy moves in to attack your mages, have the invisible mages cast blizzard all over the town. You whould always have 1 invisible mage cast blizzard on the peasants. The enemy will be attacking your 3 mages that aren't invisible with most if not all of his army, so that lets the other 3 mages do what they want to the city.

Submitted by Pin Head

The three visible mages will not have much mana but their purpose is distraction only anyway. This is a good trick to gain some time for the invisible mages. You can also pull that one with two or four mages.

Three Mage Victory

Take three mages and have 1 cast blizzard in front of you other mages. Have 1 other mage cast blizzard in front of the enemy defense. And have the other one cast blizzard on the peasants. If you do it right you can win. I have done this many times and won every time, it just takes a lot of practice.

Submitted by Pin Head

In other words: use a magebomb to distract the enemy.

Fun With Sappers

Build 5 or 6 inventors and start pumping out the sappers. When you get 12+ send a group of them to the enemy town. Put them at different parts of the town. When you are ready, start sending them all in as fast as you can. Go for the hall, the stables, the church if he has one, and the mage towers if he has one. This strategy works great if you do it right. Or you can take 6 sappers and have them go for the hall. You only need 3 to take out a hall, and 4 to take out the keep and castle. You should take 6 because some of them might die.

Submitted by Pin Head

I am usually not patient enough to wait for so many sappers, but 6 inventors are certainly not too much and this surprise attack for the key buildings will hit the enemy hard.

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