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This page contains some of the best animated gifs on the net!
Last update: 97/09/05

(I don't know who made these brillant pictures. They can be found anywhere in the WWW.)

My own "artwork": a bunch of animated gifs

The program I used can't make transparent gifs, so they have a background color. The gryphon picture is quite slow, I don't know why it uses up so much CPU capacity.

Cyberkarkas' gifs

In my opinion, Cyberkarkas makes the most original gifs, and his animations are all of a very high quality. Keep up the good work, Cyberkarkas!

Dioxide's pictures

A version of the Macarena with music is available at Dioxide's page. Nice work, Dioxide!

Galen Ekorre's pictures

A great gif artist, formerly known as R1chie.

Brian's pictures

Krait's pictures

Inventor of the "War2 gif movies".

Corpse's pictures

A new version of a classic.

Firebrand's pictures

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail - do I have to say more?

Joe's pictures

Loser14411's pictures

Drammel's pictures

A very funny one.

Cykadelik's pictures


If you have made a gif that rocks and want it to appear here, send me its URL, please; if the gif is smaller than 40 K, you may send the gif itself.

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