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War2xEd 5.51 - the best map editor (621 K)

The best PUD editor, bar none! Give mages dragon breath, make bridges that both land units and sea units can cross, make caves that flying units can't enter, use the swamp terrain and all the 2x heroes, and select among nearly a hundred AI types! Be sure to extract with subdirectories (pkunzip -d).
OSWin 3.11 with Win32s or Win95/NT.
AuthorDaniel Lemberg
War2xEd homepage

Wardraft 1.4a (416 K)

Browser/Manipulator for WarCraft2 data files. If you want to see all the cutscenes again, grab some pictures or PUDs, this is the right program for you. It can also change the entire Warcraft source.
OSWin 3.11 with Win32s or Win95/NT. (Not tested under Win NT.)
AuthorAlexander Cech

Pud Browser 1.1 (198 K)

PUD Browser is a Warcraft II PUD file viewer which, unlike the editors, supports the viewing of Warcraft maps at full screen size. The program allows the user to quickly browse and print collection of PUD's.
An absolute must for Kali players to preview the map they're playing with!
OSWin 3.11 with Win32s (untested) or Win95.
AuthorBill Wright and Jim Weirich

Puddle 0.82 (100 K)

Thumbnail creator for Warcraft maps. Puddle is capable to make bitmaps from all PUD files in one directory in a batch process.It also makes a list of all PUD files and can rotate and mirror a map.
OSWin 95/NT only.
by Hard Boiled Egg Multimedia
Homepage: Pudland

UDTAed 1.0 (143 K)

UDTAed plugin 0.91a (130 K)

The Warcraft II Unit Editor. This Unit editor runs under Win 95 only and is very easy to use but lets you change all the units properties (though not the graphics) in a game.
The plugin works only together with PUDDraft.
OSWin95 only

PUDRestrictor 1.2 (130 K)

adds build/spell restrictions to PUDs
OSWin 3.11 with Win32s or Win95/NT. (Not tested under Win NT.)
AuthorAlexander Cech

Disable Windows Key (95 K)

This is a program made by TEN to disable the Windows 95 key so that when you're playing a game of Warcraft, you won't accidentally hit it and go to the stupid start menu.
OSWin95 only :-)
byTEN Software

PUDDraft 0.96 beta (225 K)

A map editor for Warcraft 2 PUDs (expansion set required). Beta version. Allows advanced terrain editing and AI/unit properties setting.
OSWindows 95 or NT (NT is untested yet)
AuthorAlexander Cech

War2Unit 3.1 (203 K)

A Warcraft II unit modifier. Can be launched as a plug-in for PUDDraft.
OSWindows 95 or NT (NT is untested yet)
Homepage Top

PUD Typer (14 K)

This is a great, free pud utility. What PudTyper does is it converts PC formatted puds to Macintosh formatted Puds. All you do is drop the pud on the program and you have an instant Mac pud.
OSMac LogoMacIntosh
AuthorBryan Haggerty

PUD Master [97/12/23] (534 K) new

Standard PUD editing capabilities: Full detail views, minimap, unit and terrain placement. Support for expansion heroes and the Draenor tile set. Advanced unit modifications: flying ships, submarine transports, commando rangers, and much more.
OSMac LogoMacIntosh
AuthorBrett Wood

Warmaker 2.0 (173 K) new

WarMaker is a random map generation utility for creating Warcraft 2 maps (puds). It easily generates maps with random terrain in about 2 seconds on a Pentium computer. The various terrain aspects of the map are quickly adjusted with slider controls. You can save and load your adjustments and settings too.
OSWindows 95 or NT
AuthorMiro Hodyl

Warcraft II patches

Patch 1.4 for Warcraft II (1238 K)

Fixes exorcism bug and some system-specific issues, adds color randomization for multiplayer games. Also includes improved anti-cheating security. For users without the expansion.
German patch 1.2 (438 K) | French patch 1.2 (143 K) (German and French version without Cheatfix)
byBlizzard Software

IBM Warcraft II Expansion v1.5 Upgrade Patch (729 K)

This patch is only for the American Expansion, Beyond the Dark Portal. Fixes compatibility issue with old saved games, adds Draenor tileset and new Heroes to the Map Editor, and prevents cheating in multiplayer games.
OS MS-DOS (Win 95 for the Map Editor)
byBlizzard Software

Macintosh Warcraft II v1.4 Upgrade Patch (757 K)

This patch for the Macintosh version of Warcraft II (American) fixes most, if not all, issues with the game, including cheating in multiplayer games.
OSMac LogoMacIntosh
byBlizzard Software

Macintosh Warcraft II v1.5 Upgrade Patch (584 K)

This patch is for the Macintosh version of the Expansion, Beyond the Dark Portal, and includes fixes to prevent cheating in multiplayer games.
OSMac LogoMacIntosh
byBlizzard Software


Cameron has made new tilesets that will replace the regular ones:

desert tile set
Cameron's Desert tile set
hell tile set
Cameron's Hell tile set

Chris Fuller has made a new tileset as well:

volcano tile set
Chris' Volcano tile set
glacier tile set
Cameron's Glacier tile set

Hellmage has made a different jungle tileset:

jungle tile set
Hellmage's jungle tile set
jungle tile set
Cameron's jungle tile set

Thrakerzog has made a new swamp tileset:

wetland tile set
Thrakerzog's wetland tile set

Thanks to Danath and Cameron for allowing me to use their preview pictures.

Just for fun

Morf-A-Dragon (66 K)

Dennis has made a nice little game where you are a mage and must polymorph attacking dragons. A must for all players who have to practice their mouse aiming skills :-)
OSWin 3.11 with Win32s or Win95/NT.

WarcRAP (409 K)

Quency has composed a Warcraft rap. It's pretty cool and in MP3 format.
OSYou'll need an MP3 player like WinAmp.
Homepage Top


Kali button

Kali is necessary if you want to play Warcraft II over the Internet. It allows you to play like over an IPX network, and it can be used for all important network games. The registration fee is $20, and it's a must for all who like to play network games.

The current version is now Kali Beta 1.3 (2.3 MB) (released at 98/01).
For other platforms than Win 95, go to the Kali homepage.

(Un)zip programs

All files are zipped. To unzip it, you'll need Pkunzip from Pkware.
Alternatively, you may use Winzip. To get the latest version of Winzip, go to the WinZip homepage.
Mac Logo Mac Users should use Zip it (358 K), a program that allows you to unpack PC zip archives on a Mac.

Last update: 97/08/13 (all files latest version)
new means that this program has been updated less than a week ago.

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