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September 5 1999

Warcraft 3 announced
Blizzard has announced Warcraft 3. Their server is overloaded right now, but from what I know, the new game will depart a bit from its roleplaying flair, and there will be no less than six races. Of course such things will change while the game is developed. It is nice to see that Blizzard preferred Warcraft 3 to Starcraft 2.
This is probably one of my last postings on this page. It has been fun, and as everyone can see, I did not post as often anymore recently. There are still quite a few people who play Warcraft 2 (mainly on Kali), but I have not played it anymore for a while ... who knows, if there will be a Linux port of Warcraft 3, I may once again be commander of orcs and ogres :)

December 8

Message board merged with Deathcraft's

After the message board had been down for a long time, there were not many people using it again when it came back, so I merged it now with Deathcraft's message board.

August 22

Message board is back!

Finally I have had the time to fix the link to the Message Board. I hope that the people who visit this page will again start their War2 discussions. If there is a broken link to to the search/replace operations performed, please let me know.

July 27

Warcraft II Platinum
Blizzard is goin to release a new special edition of Warcraft II: Warcraft Platinum, basically "Warcraft II - Tides of Darkness" and "Beyond the Dark Portal" with access, plus a few new maps. Here are the official specs:

May 24

Warcraft adventure dead

May 22, 1998 -- After much internal discussion, Blizzard Entertainment decided today to stop development of Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.
Following an intensive review of the game, the company determined that given the game's current status and the rapidly changing technology of the industry, it would not be possible to complete development of the game within a reasonable time frame.
While this has been an extremely difficult decision, we firmly believe that we cannot release a title that does not meet the exceptionally high standards that both we and our customers expect from the Blizzard label.
This is of course a sad story for all people who love adventures, and I hope Blizzard will publish the game in some form (e. g. as a free game with the source included) so people can at least see the work of the artists and designers and maybe even finish programming the game.

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