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is kind of "Warcraft in space" but more than that. This is not a Starcraft page so I'll concentrate on what is going to change in the gameplay:

What's like in Warcraft

Pretty much will be familiar for Warcraft players: two sorts of ground fighters (mostly mechs) replace footmen and knights, spaceships replace transports, destroyers and battleships. There is also an equivalent to the townhall, barracks and farm.
The map will still be two-dimensional and the gameplay will stay the same (why change a successful product?). This may be a chance for other strategy games that offer new features like three-dimensional maps where units climb slowly up a hill but can fire and see further once they've reached the top.


There will only be one resource type, which will make the game easier for beginners. And the mines will never be empty but the output will constantly decrease. You will still have to fight for resources because a new mine will yeald more resources quicker than a half-empty one. I expect a kind of exponential function with a negative growth factor.

Three weapons for one unit

Goliath This will allow different sort of attacks depending one the target's distance. A Goliath mech, for instance, will have missiles for long-ranged attacks. If the target draws nearer, he will use his chaingun, too. At close range, he will use his flamethrower instead of missiles. Cool, eh?

Three races

three species - zerg, terran, protoss This seems to be a minor change, but the races are much more different than in Warcraft 2. This involves some entirely new features:


The most advanced race. It has far less units than other races but these units possess psionic abilites (probably similar to magic) which makes them a serious threat. Their units are by far the most powerful ones but they will never be numerous.
Interceptor A new feature they will have is a transport that can dispatch interceptors to defend itself. The transport may thus be used to support an offense! The picture shows such an interceptor.

a Zerg invader


This is a race that uses organic technology similar to the Vorlons in Babylon 5. The crucial change compared to the gameplay from Warcraft II is that the peons are kind of larvae that can mutate into everything you like. So you'll actually have to produce a new peon for every unit/building you want. This will radically change the production. The Zerg will have tons of week units at the beginning and grow fast but never become as powerful as the Protoss. There strength lies in their great numbers.


They will be pretty much like in Warcraft, only with technically slightly more advanced units :-)
Blizzard designed the terrans in a matter that they will be easy to control for Warcraft veterans. I've heard of a new feature, though: their tanks may be able to transforms into a tower. That would be cool and allow versatile towering strategies where you can build a tank at home, invade and make a tower of it!

New game design

According to news at Starcraft will not be released as shown at the E3 in Atlanta. The programmers at Blizzard have planned to redesign the whole game so it will probably look entirely different and be released as late as December. To learn more about Starcraft, take a look at Blizzard's Starcraft page. Due to Dark Reign, Starcraft might need an improvement; Dark Reign offers a more advanced engine than Starcraft at the moment.

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