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Dark Reign

Dark Reign is a new real-time strategy game developed by Activision. However, to read anything about it, you must go to, the developers of this game.

The future of War

This title might become truth. Unlike Starcraft, Dark Reign will involve many new revolutionary features, such as a crappy screenshot

Dark Reign vs Starcraft

These few points show that Dark Reign could be the most revolutionary strategy game this summer; it will be Starcraft's most powerful foe. Even though the graphics don't look as good as in Starcraft and there will be few cutscenes, if any, Dark Reign contains more new ideas that will freshen up the genre. Map sizes for multiplayer games will vary according to the amount of RAM in the computers.

The screenshot shows a fierce combat but you can't see very much in this version. As you can perhaps see, the tanks look pretty cool but the soldiers are rather poorly drawn. They are just too small for lots of details, and this will be a point where Starcraft will be better. The advanced engine Dark Reign and the richness of multiplayer features make Dark Reign one of the most promising titles this year, though.

I'll update this page as soon as I hear something new.

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