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The roots of strategy games

I'm interested to know how the genre started and became popular. All you have to do is to submit the first strategy game you have played (real time or turn based) that had something in common with modern strategy games.

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This is by no means a qualification or something like that. If you have already played a strategy game ten years ago then you do not have to be good at Warcraft. However, back then, this genre was not popular, and the games were quite different. I'm interested to know how strategy games conquered the world ;-)

Results so far:

Player Game platform date special features
Skyren Final Fantasy PC 1986 first fantasy strategy game?
SimCityseveral 1987 - 89 "the first game where you actually got to fight in real time"
"SimCity is also what some idiots do in Warcraft games, so we can blame it for all of those passive dolts that sit there and die" (Snookerdoodle)
Telcontar Götterdämmerung * C64 1987? turn based, fantasy; different terrain types, two races, walls
CharlesSimCityseveral1987?"the first game where you actually got to fight in real time"
Wicked Al Dragon Warrior Nintendo 1990? "It was a smash for Nintendo. I remember everyone had it." - "more of an RPG game than RTS"
Detonator Herzog Zwei PC 1992? first multi player RTS game?
BurningpetCivilization PC1992/93"good old civ" was indeed a revolutionary (turn based) game
Dune II** PC 1993? a true classic, prototype of all RTS games; no multiplayer
Shlonglor Warcraft I PC 1995 multiplayer option, spells, predecessor of War2

* This means something like "Armageddon" in English. Diablo players may know the name from a 60 AC unique hat :-)

** While Dune I was probably the first game of its kind, it remained relatively unknown. Dune II was certainly a milestone in the history of strategy games. All strategy games we know now have copied the principle. Many people in this list have played it.

MugWump and Killkrazy are both experienced in classical board games that came out long before PCs existed. These have certainly shaped electronical games.

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