Scenario design guidelines

Starting positions - Map design - Resources - Playtesting

Starting positions

There is nothing more frustrating than unfair starting positions. Random map do often have such flaws, so do not let this happen with your maps! Some important points are:

Map design

While geometric designs guarantee a fair game, they do not look very appealing. Creating a natural looking map is not easy, though. Here are a few tips:


The amount and distribution of resources decide whether a map is playable or not.


Playtesting is of course crucial to make sure that a map is good. Test it against the computer first (with "reveal map" and "fog off" so you can see whether each player has a good start), then against human opponents. Correct any flaws and test it again.
Single player maps have different goals. There your aim should be to make sure that the map will be played the way you intend it and that there are no "cheap tricks" that allow the player to circumvent any traps that you have set up etc. If possible, give the map to someone else to test it and ask him how he won.
Then ...
submit it!


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