How to submit scenarios

The description (.txt) file

To submit a scenario, zip all required files into a file with the scenario name. You have to include a description as well The first line of the description should look like this:
[Your scenario] by [your name] ([yourEmailAddress@host]), x players
The rest of the description should be short (less than 500 bytes), and it can contain anything you like. It should contain a short description about the map (what makes it special? which strategies does it allow?) and about the setting (e. g. if the map represents a particular geographical location).
An example:
Numenor by Telcontar (, 5 players
The actual description starts at the second line.
Make sure that the description has the same filename like the zip file and ends with .txt. So don't call it readme.txt or description.txt. It is helpful if I can see whether it is a normal or a fun scenario. You can omit the email address, but not the name. I will not post anonymous scenarios. And, please, no SPACEs or other weird characters in the file name!

Single player scenario preview maps

If you make a single player scenario and do not want that the mini map is shown in the listing (because it may reveal something), please tell me that when submitting the scenario. The same applies to campaigns. You can give me a different picture to post if you like, as long as it has roughly the same size and is smaller than 10 K.

Where to send it to

You can send the zip files via email or upload the scenarios!

The upload server is ftp The account name is upload, login is upload as well. Note that the server is checked regularly, and warez will immediately be deleted. Do not forget to inform me with a mail that you have uploaded something :)

If you do not know how uploading works, read my ftp crash course.


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