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A beginner's guide to reaching the Bronze Age in 15 minutes with Shang Villagers on Land Based Maps

Ken Stanley (


The keys to reaching the bronze age fast are: creating three villagers a minute, finding food and wood sources and exploiting those sources efficiently.

I first present a simple scheme which will get you to the bronze age in fifteen minutes or less 90% of the time. Then I present alternatives which reduce that the time it takes to get to the bronze age and deal with some rare events that may make getting to the bronze age particularly difficult.

It took me hundred of hours to learn to reach the bronze age in fifteen minutes. If you follow this sequence and spend a few hours doing the training exercises listed here, you will save yourself hundreds of hours.

Although I have tried hard to make this guide accesible to beginner's, it is difficult not to take things for granted that beginner's might not know. Hence, the most importnat way for this guide to improve is through your feed back. So, please send your comments to me at:

Here is the postscript file.

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Ken Stanley