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Land and Sea (27 K) by King of Ducks, 6 players (97/08/05)

This scenario has plenty of resources for players to use. Berries and forests are very close and I tried to make them look more natural. There is plenty of gold. About 3/7 of the map is water. Gold is plentiful and is also close to the players. Stone is located with gold. there are 2 large landmasses and a couple small ones that have gold. 3 players are located on each large landmass. This could be used as a FFA a 3vs3 or an interesting 2vs2vs2 with one player from each team on each major landmass.

Historic (120 K) by SyCHo, 8 players (98/08/05)

This scenario includes a historic incident, where the Egyptians and the Greeks are allies. You have to try to drive the enemy people out of their realm. This scenario is in German.

3 alert!!!!!! (16 K) by Kevin Li, 3 players (98/03/18)

Features: lots of resources, very fun and long game. Suitable for intermediate players.

Jungle Warfare (70 K) by Brett Arenz, 3 players (97/03/10)

Lead your tribe in victory over your enemies in restricted jungle warfare. Watch out for the cannibals as well.

Friends (45 K) by Ian Huffmyer aka DaKnight, 8 players (98/03/04)

It is basically the same map as friends.pud in War2.
If you have played War2 before, then you probably know what I'm talking about. You should play this game with 1-2 as allies, 3-4 as allies and so on. You should play 2v2 on this map. If you play 2v2 than you will want Players in spots 1-2 and 5-6. This map works with 3v3 but is unusual :)

3 Way Struggle (27 K) by Jehuk, 3 players (97/02/21)

A fun, and fairly short, 3 player scenario. You all start off on a large central island, seperated from the other players by forest. There are additional resources on the small outer islands, and in the center clearing, so it is important to secure them early. Your navy plays an important role, as whoever rules the seas has a big advantage.
It is unusal to reach the Iron Age, and a quick start is vital. So choose your race carefuly. Pitched battles often progress simultainiously on both land and sea, as alliances change and players struggle to obtain much need resources.

Northern Europe (49 K) by TMH, 8 players (98/02/16)

An Age of Empires scenario by TMH

Players: 2-8
Multiplayer: yes.
Singleplayer: Yes, but designed as a multiplayer scenario (computer civilizations have random strategies and may behave extremely stupid in some games - like the Irish unable to colonize etc.)
Mapsize: Huge.

Multiplayer Islands (36 K) by Brian C., 5 players (98/01/26)

Lots of islands in this one. There are your islands, islands full of resources, and islands with ruins. Your island has an elevation trench, resource islands have a lower elevation that the sea and can be hit by the sea from all sides, and the ruin/military islands islands can be hit by a ships. Lots of playing possibilities here.

4 on 1 (23 K) by Devin A. Slack, 5 players (97/12/21)

This scenario was designed to test the capabilities of a range of players. You can learn dependence, or independence, depending upon your choice of play. This game should teach you, if anything, how to build a massive navy, and to absolutely annihilate your adversaries.

New Empire (30 K) by Scribbb, 5 players (97/12/21)

A medium sized 5 person multi-player game. Can also be played single ( short history and aftermath descriptions). I tried to make this one have a natural look, some interesting features are a waterfall, oasis and a lions (lion and elephant kings) den protecting resources that can put you ahead. Players in better locations will have handicaps. Example; more trees or closer to expansion minerals = more entrances to their main base, etc.

Highlands (35 K) by Xu Zhen Xiang, 6 players (97/12/11)

A scn with a lot of high spots, just as the name says. Quite a lot of resources.

The Fall of Gaul (77 K) by James Callahan, 6 players (97/11/26)

This is just a basic battle map with plenty of rescources and water for fishing Feel free to customize the scenario to your needs with the editor. Have Fun.

Wood Hell (97 K) by Mike Edwards, 6 players or Single Player (97/11/08)

This map is a multiplayer and single player map. You start at one of the six places where you then start your wood production. Which as by the title you can tell. This map is a huge map in size and a good one to play long games on.

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