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Control your landmass - Deny access to your landmass - Win

Posted by Bazooka on Friday, 31 October 1997

General strategies for all occasions and civilizations in order of importance. Greek tactics for above strategy on any map other than inland (Why are you playing Greeks on an inland map anyway?)

1. Control your landmass

a. Reveal the map with a villager early, then a scout later

Make note of all enemies, landbridges, attack approaches to your town center and perfect sites for your Granary and Storage Pit. Place these buildings in such a way to access at least 2 resources (preferably hogging the resources that the enemy is busily gathering). Food is all well and good but for you Greeks, wood and gold are the keys.

b. Cutoff the attack approaches with barracks, stable, archery range, houses. Place towers (on hills) behind this blockade.

c. If the enemy is gracious enough not to attack, advance your Ages so that you can place an academy(or two) just outside of tower range of his town. Use your hoplites to decimate all traces of an enemy from your landmass. If not, attack with no less than 3 clubmen. Keep sending them till the enemy is no more. Use your scouts to hunt down his villagers.

2. Deny access to your landmass

a. Place towers at all landbridges, preferably behind walls. Totally wall off all landbridges except one. Make sure your villagers are escorted with clubmen (hoplites) or scouts (cavalry). Station newly built catapults and scout ships(if there are no docks to kill) here.

b. While searching for those choice fishing spots with your boats identify the enemies' docks. Begin sending scout ships to destroy any and all docks. You will need at least 3, but unlike on land, you can begin attacking with just 1. Take note of his tower placement and identify the least concentrated area as your beachead. Beware of archers, repairing villagers, catapults. Stay at your maximum range. If you've let the enemy make priests, its time to jump to strategy #3.

c. Keep cranking out those attack ships, improving all the way to trireme. Hopefully you will have two groupings. One attacking the docks another smaller group blockading transports. Take advantage of your faster ships to hunt the enemies ships or retreat. Stop making attack ships at about 5 if you seem to have water superiority and make a transport. You will need more than one depending on the success of your attack fleet and if the enemy has built away from the shoreline.

3. Win

a. Make hoplites, catapults/ballistas, cavalry. Academies and workshops should have been placed by the landbridge or your dock depending on the easiest access to your landmass. You will want three groups for your attack(s). 4 hoplites(what do you mean they are not upgraded to phalanx yet?); 2 catapults + 3 ballista; 3 cavalry (more if you've let those priests flourish) As these groups are filled send them to the war. Hopefully you have concentrated on one enemy and the others are clueless. The cavalry are your mop up to your tower home defense. Defense is childsplay if you succeeded in Strategy # 2.

b. Send your army accross the landbridge or on the transports to the enemies' landmass. Your priority targets are the Temple, Town Center, houses. Stop to destroy towers with group 2 if you cannot just bypass them all together. (You did unload your transport at that safe beachhead, right?) Always keep group 1 between the enemy and group 2. Acquire a target for group 2 and let them do their thing. Only during this time should you take personal control of group 3 and keep circling your army for priests. Group 3 is used to kill priests first and flank infantry second. Kill what ever the triremes could not get to till you are victorious.

c. Things to do while all this mayhem is happening: Remember to heed Telcontar's advice. Upgrade your armor first! Of course infantry armor takes priority over cavalry. The melee upgrades benefits your phalanxes AND cavalry. I leave it up to you to "indulge" in upgrading to centurion and helopolis.


Telcontar's comment: There's not much to add; great work, Joe! One thing you should keep in mind is to use the kind of unit where your tribe is best at. If you are not playing with a Greek tribe, Archers are very powerful if upgraded and used correctly.

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