Posted by E Pluribus on Monday, 3 November 1997, at 9:50 a.m.


I like using ranged units so... 1st I use my resources to generate units to the maximum, THEN upgrade their armor and range second. Some reasons: 1) On ranged attacks, quantity is supreme, then quality after that. With archers, you can decimate enemies if you outnumber them 3:1. You'll still have a nice force left afterwards too. 2) Armor and range upgrades effect units already generated, so you can work on that while you are assembling them. 3) You tend to have excess resources after reaching the unit maximum.

Also, I would rather hit a priest with an archer than cavalry because you do not have to wait for your units to approach (especially if they have walls up).

If the opponent does not have walls up, send a fast squad to the enemies flank... he'll freak out and start pulling his units over to that side. Send another single unit there a minute later so he feels like he needs to stay there and guard that area and maybe start building walls/towers. Then move a fast battalian into the other side and try to eliminate every villager you see. I have not run across many people with priests, but I think priests are total wimps. Yes I tend to eliminate them 1st but they've never given my opponents any advantages. In single player, priests and repairmen rule just because the AI is not that great. I can take out a tower with 1 unit if he has a priest healing him whereas against a real person my priest would be vulture-meat.

I cannot stand slow units. If someone tries to protect his artillary and archers with hoplites, I just pull back out of range of them and hit the slow hoplites with an archer battalian with no casualties. The trick is to keep withdrawing a step at a time to keep out of range.

Had fun last night... was undefeated..heh heh heh.

One remark from Telcontar: The armor upgrade make a big difference and are relatively cheap - you should get at least the first one even if you want to build up masses of archers. Of course, if you control them perfectly, they will never need their armor :)
Good players should try an archer rush like this one, it is great fun (not for the enemy)!

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