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 HTML PLAIN reference V1.1 
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HTML PLAIN reference V1.1

Cyrille Artho


While HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is widely used due to its simplicity, it is not powerful enough to cope with the representation of complex content. It does not separate information from its representation, and offers no means to access metadata (information about pages). As a result of this, maintaining and updating large web pages is often a nightmare, either involving much manual work or the use of complex tools that try to glue an inconsistent set of documents together.

By extending HTML, these problems can be solved in an elegant way. Customizable tags allow a better structuring, and variables decouple information from its appearance in documents. A preprocessor then generates a set of standard HTML pages based on this extra information and pages written in this new, higher level HTML. It also includes other powerful functions, such as file management and macros, which can automate many tedious tasks.