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Minas Tirith map

Minas Tirith, my first map for Warcraft II.

2 players - Human vs. Orc

The Battle of the Pelennor Fields (after: Tolkien, LOTR: The Return of the King)

The humans are besieged by the orcs and try to hold their city Minas Tirith that is surrounded by seven walls and built rather like a fortress than a city. The Orcish army, however, is overwhelmingly big, and the help from the Riders of Rohan may arrive too late.

I'm afraid I haven't tested this version of the level, but feel free to play it.

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Gondor map

Gondor - my second map

6 players - Human and Orc, 1 computer opponent (passive)

The Battle for Gondor, from LOTR (Lord of the Rings)

This scenario plays in Middle Earth with every player starting at a 60 K mine. There are plenty of smaller mines (around 40 K) to be taken. The setting is a bit like during the Ring War, but not entirely accurate (and everyone has only 1 peon instead of a huge army).

I'd recommend to have a close look at the map before you play. Try to take Tolfalas (the island with the big gold mine)! However, the Corsairs (the passive computer opponent) prevent a player from taking Tolfalas very early if he starts near it.

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Numenor map


5 players - Human only

The island Numenor, after J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion"

The people of Numenor couldn't decice whether they shall sail west against the will of the Elder or stay at their island, the westernmost point allowed for the mortals. This caused a civil war.

Numenor is a big island that has the form of a starfish. Each player start on one if its arms with 65 K Gold. There is a 250 K mine in the middle which is surrounded by mountains, so you have to sacrifice one sapper to get it.

I recommend this level to experienced players only; they will have much fun while a newbie will be overrun by his opponent not only before he makes ogres, but before he makes grunts :-)

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The magnificent seven

A highly difficult scenario ;-)

You start with seven DKs and face 71 (!) opponents. You're damn lucky that 70 of them are sheep :->
This scenario takes about 2 minutes to play. I recommend playing it after being defeated in a modem game :-)
The map has been inspired by mutton.pud
Writing this text took about the same time as making and testing the map.
Have fun

You HAVE my permission to alter this PUD (magnif7.pud). Please send my your opinions/improvements :-)


Two channels

Inspired by Cross the Center by Gary A. C. Backus (gbackus@mindspring.com), but with much more space to build.

Special features:

  • three islands divided by two vertical channels
  • Startup town hall can't be attacked by the sea
  • Second town hall on home island can easily be attacked by juggs
  • Top and bottom mine on middle island can be walled in by placeing the th or a farm accordingly
  • a lake for a save foundry


Four-leaf clover

Inspired by Numenor.PUD (also my PUD).
Numenor is a creation of J. R. R. Tolkien.

All players can easily wall in first.
The starting mine is 65 K; there is a mine in the center surrounded by trees (150 K).
If you don't want to defend mine against three opponents, you can try to get one of the mines on the islands.
They are 60 K large but can easily be attacked by juggs.
There is plenty of wood and oil for building up a fleet, though.
Have fun!


Voyage to Rome

4 players
The concept is that there is always one mine less in each circle, corresponding to the decreasing number of chairs in the game mentioned above. Thus, there should always be one player who eliminates another one :) Starting mines: 70 K
Oil: 4 x (10+40) K
Expansion mines: between 40 and 80 K (center)

tell me what you think about my maps.
I do not want them to be altered without my permission.

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