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Wetland Tileset

by Thrakerzog

This tileset replaces most of the landscape in the orc swamp tileset; you need the expansion to play it. It replaces the mud and land with a different type, replaces the water with weedy water, and changes the trees into giant eggplants. It also replaces the oil platform and goldmines to the summer set because it otherwise looks stupid.

New AI

An AI designed by me is included in this pud (Expansion 51) It is a fun thing that makes the computer build fifty zepplins, and then build dragons. It is really hard to pick out what is what on the minimap when you have hundreds of these guys flying around. Note: The flight AI takes longer to get to an attacking phase than most other AI's


To install it, simply run the exe file in your War2 directory and answer all questions with "yes".

Download the tileset (185 K)

To get your old tileset back, either copy maindat.war from the CD into the war2\data directory or make a backup of that file first.