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Warcraft 3?

Yes, you've read Warcraft 3, not 2!

First, the new adventure from Blizzard, "Lord of the Clans", is not a strategy game, and the only thing that it has in common with Warcraft is the setting. Some jerks on the net still think it's the sequel of Warcraft ;-)
"The fantasy adventure game, which is expected to release this holiday season, is the continuation of the Warcraft story and sets the stage for future Warcraft titles." (Blizzard) This sounds like Warcraft III will be released some time after "Lord of the Clans".

Blizzard is not a very large company, and Warcraft II was the biggest goldmine they've ever discoverd, far bigger than the maximum of 640 K in Warcraft :-) Even though Warcraft II is still a very often played game on Kali, it's getting a little old, and during 1997, a lot of new real time strategy games will be released. Therefore it's only logical that sooner or later, a sequel to Warcraft II will be released. Starcraft is one but it is set in a totally different environment, and I consider it to be a brother to Warcraft rather than a son. Starcraft will probably released in late summer and is a kind of "Warcraft in space".
Thus, I've written a mail to

when will the sequel to Warcraft II (I don't mean the adventure of which some people think it's Warcraft III) be released? I haven't found any official info yet but it's economically just natural that there will be one."

The answer was:
"We haven't actually decided on something like that.... but if we do, it will be posted at

And nothing is posted there yet (97/08/17). The guys are busy with Starcraft now, and Blizzard has probably not enough people to develop more than two games (Lord of the Clans and Starcraft) simultaneously.

The latest rumors

I've heard that the priorities at Blizzard are as following: Starcraft, Lord of the Clans, Diablo 2, Warcraft III. Well, I could have guessed that myself - it was pretty obvious. The only question that really matters is when the development of War3 will start - before or after Lord of the Clans is finished. Let's wait until Starcraft comes out!

Stay tuned, this page will be updated as soon as I hear something new!
If you know something about it,
let me know.