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Submit your PUDs!

What? You couldn't find your own map? Send it to me and make it available for the whole world!

Just a few details: If you want a description to be shown, place a file with exactly the same name as the zipped one (ending .txt) into the zip file. This will make it possible for my program to match the description with the correct zip archive, and I won't have to rename the file. And don't use weird characters such as ' _ - ~ and space in your filename, because my program and MS-DOS don't like it ;-) . If you don't know how to get rid of the tilde in Win95, check one of the Windows 95 tips pages out there. Make sure that your filename is unique because otherwise I have to change it which costs time and nerves.

Got it? OK, just email your zip file. I'll include it in my pud archive as soon as possible. Please make clear for how many players the PUD is meant to be.

Descriptions to existant levels are welcome, too. Send the txt file to me. So if your map appears here without description and hence without your name, don't be offended. Just send an email.

Do not submit campaigns or sets up PUDs which are larger than 100 K. Just contact me, I'll give you the address of the upload ftp directory.