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How to install PUDs


First, you need WinZip or another unpack program (e. g. pkzip). Install that program. Then, you have to extract all the puds from the zip files; in the command line version, this is done by pkunzip -e *.zip *.pud.
This will extract all the puds from all the zip files in the same directory. You may use Winzip which is easier to handle. To view the readme files, extract *.txt or use Winzip.

After unzipping the puds, move them into the Warcraft directory, in MS-DOS, this is done by move *.zip \war2. If you have the patch or the expansion pack (I recommend to get it), you should put the single player maps into \war2\puds\single and the multi player maps into \war2\puds\multi instead.

Select your PUD

You have the puds (*.pud) in your war2 directory. When selecting "custum scenario", choose "custom maps". If you have version 1.3x (the expansion pack or patch), this is already default. Then choose your PUDs from the right directory (if you have not version 1.3x, all PUDs must be in the \war2 directory).

Single player games

Copy your puds into the \war2 directory or, if you have the expansion, into the \war2\single directory (this prevents you from getting a mess with single and multiplayer levels).

Problems in multiplayer games

Sometimes, you get a message that one person doesn't have the pud even though he has it. Either they have not the same version or, which is normally the case, they have them stored in a different directory relative to the war2 directory, e.g.

\war2\mypud.pud This player probably has version 1.2x or less.
\war2\puds\multi\mypud.pud This player has the expansion pack or patch.

To prevent this, either all the players must have the expansion pack and save the puds in \war2\puds\multi, or they should put their favourite puds into both directories. Note that only the relative paths from \war2 matters.

Kali users

Kali chooses \war2 as the default directory. Even users with version 1.3 (expansion pack) should not use \war2\puds\multi. Kali lets you only offer files in the \war2 directory.

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