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These text are excerpts from those people's mails to me. I have not put it in italics since such a long text is hard to read in italics. I have not got a single email from someone who loves the War2hack, weird :-)
My thought about the mails are written in bold text.

Henry Hughes

"Your page was pretty funny (the sarcastic one, not the serious one) and what i think about all of this is that it is a bad sign of things to come. The coolest thing about kali and internet gaming is the freedom to find someone to play with at anytime of the day or night as well as the fact you could play 3+ player games from home with a dial up connection which was a wonderful thing to so many of us that dont have access to a lan and 3 or 4 people around to play whenever you want. Even if you do have one at work, what fun is that when you think about it, i like being able to play in my home doing whatever it is i want to do while playing a game (...). So when I got on kali a year and a half ago i was in heaven. Of course as time went by and it got more popular being in chat was anno!

Then hacks started popping up in decent, i never played it as much as war2 but i still felt bad for the people who did because i could imagine how much that would suck. Then diablo came out, before it was even out long enough to get an idea of whether or not it was worth buying it was being hacked up to the point i never even bothered. Then I76 came out, same thing...super quad rockets and all this other stuff, what fun.... even quake had its dealing with hacks in the form of the stooge bot, which died a quick death fortunately. Now this with war2. Now of course some ways around this is to play with people you know in private games and all that but that almost defeats the purpose of internet games. If I want to play with someone I know I will call my bro up who lives in the same town and play over the modem. The thing is, is he might not be around when i want !

to play the same goes for the 2 or 3 people i play on kali whenever i see them around. Getting all of us together on the same server at the same time might happen once a week if that. I was thinking of maybe a clan of some sort, not so much for points or playing other clans but just a bunch of people who dont want to cheat to play among themselves. It would be a pain to organize(I know I dont have time) and again, unless 300 people signed up, it would be hard to find people on a regular basis. So basically I think this whole free online gaming thing will just get worse and worse to the point where it isnt even worth dealing with it anymore. This thing with war2 is unstoppable now. Even if blizzard patches it, they will get around it within a few weeks(like diablo) but I doubt they will patch it. It took a lot of begging to get them to patch it to fix the color thing and to make it play better on kali and that was when it was only 5 or 6 months old. They made it very clear that!

they didnt officially support Kali, and this thing with the hack is a concern for Kali (and to a lesser degree Kahn) players. People on a LAN can just reach over and slap someone if they cheat, so no problem there. I am just glad i got as much as I did from war2 and kali because it wont be the same now and with starcraft coming out I have to wonder how long it will be before it is hacked. There is no doubt in my mind that i was getting it for multiplayer on kali and only being able to play it for a couple months before it is hacked makes me wonder about dropping 50 bucks for it... Well thats enough of this rant."

Being able to play against anybody on the Internet on any time is an important aspect of multiplayer games; so far, any hack similar to Shaft's has ruined that game. Unless people wise up, this is going to ruin future games, too; I hope that newer games will have some protections against being hacked.

Joe Nicolas

"In regards to your page about cheating: I agree with you completely. It's bad enough that War2 is ruined, but the really scary thing is knowing that all future games are going to be as well. I've been waiting for Starcraft forever, and the fact that some jerk is going to hack it within a week of release is just too much.

Personally I think there should be a law that anyone suspected of hacking a game is slowly tortured to death with dentistry equipment :) But seriously, there needs to be stricter laws about hacking software. For example, Blizzard should be able to sue this Shaft guy for everything he has. First of all he's capitalizing on their product, second they will lose money from people who don't want to buy a tainted product. While the second isn't so much of an issue this far after War2's release, it could and would seriously affect a game like Starcraft.

So what can be done to solve this problem? Patches can't be the answer. No matter how many times you patch a game it'll just be hacked again.

Like you say, wouldn't it be nice if people just didn't use this garbage? (Sigh) Of course, this isn't a perfect world, so there will always be more than enough people who DO use cheats to ruin it for the rest of us.

Perhaps if game developers were able to create a VERY controlled gaming environment. Give everyone ID #'s and name tags :) If you're caught cheating, you're banned permanently. Or if you wanted to be really hard core about it, combine this with some legal agreement where the gamer agreed not to cheat on pain of criminal prosecution :) Sounds good to me.

Wouldn't a game like Ultima Online would be virtually impossible to hack? Maybe all multi-player games need to gravitate toward storing game files on a server. Of course this would probably slow gameplay down considerably.

As much as it pains me to say this, the future of gaming may be in console games. I mean, how many times have you seen a hacked nintendo game (on an actual NES)? It seems like there's just nothing that can be done to stop people from screwing with computer games."

I doubt that this will make people forget about PC games and play console games. The long-term solution for this problem lies in controlling the environment and creating effective laws against hacking (make Shaft pay back all the money he has sucked from his hack).

Urpo Lankinen

It is undoubtable that Warcraft was first hacked by creative hackers (The ones who think it's really fun to sit all night with notepad and hex editor), and the netplay-ruiner was conceived by a complete fool ("I have great idea! I will make stealth hack and ruin the whole network play concept!")

You're right. The hack program is unfair.

Shaft claimed to improve the gameplay. Why didn't he stick to changing the maps, though? Furthermore, existing editing programs have all the capabilites you need. I don't think people want all the strange curiosities that are possible with that hack.

Urpo Lankinen (reply)

Warcraft hacker squeals about War2hack

We, Warcraft hackers, are your friends. We write code all night, enjoy doing things that you would not even imagine. We found out about PUD format that Blizzard never released, and made programs that Blizzard was never going to publish.

Infortunately, we possess dangerous powers in our hands. Figuring out PUD format was a great step. Figuring out data format used in Warcraft was the another big step. But some secrets are too terrible to be exposed to casual users. One of them was the way how Warcraft is stored in memory.

It is undoubted that those who seek to extend Warcraft capabilities by making, say, war2xed or Wardraft, are showing hacker spirit by exploring strange new things that will help people getting most of the game. These programs pose no threat to normal user; You you are going to cheat using them, all players will know that.

I would rank war2hack creators hackers, too, as they were smart enough to make sense of War2 executable loaded to memory. But I'm really amazed about the fact that they weren't smart enough to keep their results in their own hands! It is unargueable that they are cretins who don't think what they're doing.

Yes, War2hack is best used when all players *really* knows about it. Head to Head with odd twist. Or, players with below-average intelligence can use it to make things easier in single-player games. War2hack is a powerful tool. But with power will come corruption. War2hack *will* be used mainly for abuse and shameless cheating in multi-player games. It is obvious that it will make things only worse. If people can cheat blindly, they will.

If I would have written the hack program, I would have kept it on a floppy disk, in a safe, and not using it after the final debugging. Folks, if you are going to hack more Warcraft tools, think before distributing.

Lord Swift

I play Warcraft II on a PowerMac and I play multi-player games through AOL via TCP/IP (a Mac-only protocol). I can only say now is a better time than ever to get a Macintosh, which boasts a Shaft-free War2 world =)

heh heh sometimes being the little guy does have its advantages...

I don't think that a Mac will protect you from the hack. Players will know that you don't cheat but will be able to cheat you...

Lord Locke

I'm a Kahn user. This just makes me happier. Why? Well, on Kahn, it's a rule: NO CHEATING! It's even posted on the server screen. Rule 1: NO CHEATING! I love seeing that, and taking advantage of it. I've caught/killed 2 people already for using the hack. Be a tattletale. At least you won't have to worry about being cheated twice by the same person. Hey, if every non hack user tells, then the hack users will be gone in no time.

Do you think cheating on Kali is tolerated? No, it isn't either, and it's posted on the server screen as well. Obviously this does not prevent people from cheating, both on Kali and Kahn. This hack makes me sick :-(

I think denouncing others won't help. Where do you want to tell it? To whom? Should I make a page where you can submit all the cheaters by their reg # ? Who would want that? I hope that Blizzard and Jay are fixing the problem soon, that's the only solution ... apart from playing only people you know.


I think many players ditched Diablo as a result of the cheats. Even though Diablo was a good game, the hacks made it unplayable. Now it seems that the problems that plagued Diablo are coming to War2. Shaft should've made something to let other players know that a player was using the program. Or better yet, he should've made the program so that only cheaters can play only other cheaters.

Shaft was smart enough to hack the exe file up, so he obviously could also figure out the consequences. That guy knew perfectly well what he was doing, and making the program work as you suggested, he could not get any money for it.


Just to let you know......some friends of mine and myself have been teaming up to play WC2. After being slaughtered in SEVERAL games, where the game lasts 10 minutes (often less) we concluded that something had to be very wrong. The basic concepts of this game are not that difficult, and to exit a game after 5 minutes only to find that the opponents have anywhere from 3 to 10 times as much gold, units etc, leads one to suspect foul play. Just when we were about to conclude that we must just not get it, we found out about War2Hack.

We then put about a new strategy. Just build enough guys to roam and check the cities. What we have found since is absolutely mind-boggling.

One example; We made about 8 footmen each, and went hunting. Found a town where the opponent ALREADY had level 4 men, and ALOT of them. What was most disturbing was that these men were all in the BOTTOM of the city. Gee, right by all the farms. Of course the barracks were back at the entrance.Why would somebody make a dozen men, and then send them to the bottom, inside if his town? What is even worse is the fact that there was NO blacksmith anywhere to be found. A dozen level 4 footmen, in less than 5 minutes, with no blacksmith, sounds unreasonable to me.

I would urge ALL non-cheaters to do the same for now. Just go about trying to nail the cheaters. You can't beat them as far as winning the game, but you can surely nail their butts if you try.

This shows how we non-cheaters are in a no-win situation. Using your strategy, we'll probably lose to other good players who don't cheat because we spend too much time scouting and checking the opponent for cheating. If we don't, we get trashed in 5 minutes by cheaters (well this will happen anyway, you just won't know it in advance).

Let me know what you think about it!

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