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War2hack - the program of infinitely insane possibilities

Ever dreamt of flying demo squads? Archers that can walk over water? Juggs with wheels under their hull so they can roll over land? Farms that produce ogre mages, death knights and dragons at once? Then War2hack is the program for you!

To boldly go where no man has gone before

This is only possible with War2hack! Your units won't shy water or air anymore - you may finally annihilate these annoying restrictions! This adds a wholly new level of realism and strategy to the game. For instance, you could make your beloved subs entirely invisible - and equip them with nuclear warheads that will turn the enemy's city into rubble with one shot. Your juggs will cast bloodlust on each other, thus exploiting the wonderful various techniques of medieval warfare. Absurdity knows no limits!

Beat those War2 kings once and for all

Because the program installs itself into the RAM after the game has been launched, your filthy opponents will be entirely defenseless. You will finally be able to beat all those War2 players you always wanted to, including Shlonglor and Shaf. All this will be done without affecting either your PUDs or your resource (data) files, so your computer will be safe. And you will be able to kick ass and attack the enemy with a squadron of Deathwings and Ogre Mages after 10 seconds. What's the fun now, you'll ask. Well, ask Shaft!

Join the club

Join the exclusive club of people who know the real power of Warcraft at Shaft's stupendous unbeaten formidable invincible Warcraft II page! Ignore his warning that the program should not be abused against players who are not using it - all the other players will use it, too, and you won't want to lose, will you? Help turning Warcraft II into a game where the player wins who is the fastest in switching to Windows 95 and then back to the modified game. And beware! for Shaft said he will release a detector program in some weeks. You will not want him to do so, so please send him a mail with your request. He will surely accept checks in any currencies if the numbers are high enough.

Let me know what you think about it!

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