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Desert tile set

The desert tile set will replace your wasteland tile set for PC users. The trees will be replaced with cacti, the ground tiles will be replaced with sand tiles, and the critters will be replaced with scorpions. Just unzip the contents of the file into your war2 directory, and double click the desert.bat icon. The next time you start a PUD with the wasteland tile set, you'll be playing in the desert. I "authored" the tile set, the cacti were done by rex sutton, and warlock did some touchups, and converted the scorpions from the war2alpha.

New AIs

The new AIs were mostly done by blackblade, with a few done by darren eslinger. this will replace several of blizzard's ais with custom ais that behave much differantly. For an example of both the desert tile set, and one of the new ais, i've included a pud called "gulch.pud" play it, and avoid rescuing the green guys to see the troll nation ai in action. its pretty cool. soon, you'll have zuljin's lackeys all over your town protecting you from the forces coming from the north. Install the ais the same way you install the desert tile set, except that you use the ai.bat icon instead.

We hope you enjoy the new type of gameplay that we have all worked hard to provide you with.

Cameron Vine

Cameron's page is at

Download the tileset (178 K)

To get your old tileset back, either copy maindat.war into the war2\data directory or make a backup of that file first.