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Download it now or read the introduction.

HTML PLAIN stands for "HTML Preprocessor Lacking An Interesting Name". While the name may not be interesting, the options that are available certainly are.
  • Symbolic names instead of filenames allows files to be moved without breaking links.
  • Templates allow easy customization of each page, and a fast change of the layout.
  • By defining your own tags, you can structure your documents better.
  • Beginners can use given templates and do not have to use any markup language at all.
  • Experts can write their own Perl macros in order to get access to metadata and more flexibility.
  • Many tedious tasks, such as inserting the image size, making a list of links or a site map, are handled automatically.
For an introduction on how to use it, check the pages "Specification of the HTML extension" and "Example and test pages". You can also read the full documentation.