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Java HTML Generator v0.9

This HTML generator package is a very simple, yet incredibly versatile HTML generator package for Java. It allows you to manipulate complex, nested HTML tags easily. This package is intended to be used with Java Servlets in conjunction with complex dynamic pages (such as large tables).

Latest version is 0.9

Why should I use this generator package?

  • It's generic: any HTML code is supported; the library takes care of correct nesting.
  • It's versatile: You cannot only add instances of the Tag class to the content of a tag for nesting, but anything that supports a toString() method, so you can add strings directly, or any other extension you can think of.
  • It's flexible: you can "fill in" HTML content, e. g. a table, and manipulate - even remove - content later. This is especially useful for more complicated pages (see the calendar example).
  • It's easy to learn: all the method to manipulate the tags are from java.util.List. If you know the Java 2 containers or have a good reference, then it will be quite easy to manipulate the content inside the tags.
  • It's practical: you do not need to generate a neat data structure for all the attributes of a tag (though you can if you like). A parser is built-in, so you can simply pass all tag options as a string, e. g.: Tag td = new Tag("td", "align=left width=42%").