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Large webpages maintained easily

The major issues in web page design are maintaining the links and recurring parts of the design (e. g. color set, nav bars, headers and footers). This is often done semi-automatically or fully manually. With the increasing size of webpages, changing these parts can become very hard. The goal of this project is to provide a set of tools to overcome this problem.

The tools will build on a specialized set of HTML, allowing

  • using names or symbols instead of filenames for linking
  • using templates for customizing (and changing) the look of a page
  • using specialized tags (XML-like)
The following tools are available:
  1. HTML PLAIN = HTML precompiler lacking an interesting name: parses files, looks up references and generates output based on templates.
  2. FAQ PLAIN, a generator for FAQ pages.
  3. Java HTML Generator, a simple yet powerful Java HTML generator package.

We are still looking for a fancy logo - if you have any suggestions, mail the author.