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Variable editor help

Running the editor

The current version is a Tcl/Tk program. Check the README file for how to get Tcl/Tk and how to run the program.

Editing a setting

variables Click on the setting you want to edit. The entry will appear in the upper part of the window, where you can change it. Changing the variable name is not advisable once the variable is used in documents. The comment field allows you to remember what the variable is about or why you selected a particular value.
To commit the changes, press [Return] or the OK button. [Esc] cancels the change entered in the input field.

Inserting a color

To insert a color from the standard WWW color palette, right click and choose "Insert Color..." in the popup menu. The current selection, if any, in the input line is taken as default. The program then opens the Color picker window, which is a plug-in that can be used in any Tcl/Tk application which is published under the GPL.

Inserting a filename

variable_popup To insert a filename quickly, right click and choose "Insert Filename..." in the popup menu. The current selection in the input line, if any, is taken as default. The file selector is the standard file selector of each operating system, so its use is documented there.

Inserting an entry

Just click at the line where the new entry should be, and choose "Edit/Add Entry" from the menu. Alternatively, you can use the [Insert] key in the list in order to create a new empty entry.
A new empty entry is created, and the cursor jumps to the "Variable" field. Enter the new values there and press [Ok] to commit the changes or [Esc] to cancel.
If no entry is active and you enter something in the input field, the new entry is automatically added.

Deleting an entry

Select the entry you want to delete, and press "Edit/Delete Entry" or the [Delete] key. The selected entry is then deleted.


To recover from the last change, insertion or deletion, choose "Edit/Undo". There is no "Redo" option, and only one operation can be reverted.


"Save" saves all changes to the current (default) variable file. So far, there is no support for several variable files.


This loads the previously saved version of the variable file.