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Configuration editor

This editor is a generic configuration editor for Perl files. It can easily be used for other Perl files or dotfiles with a similar structure (after changing the input/output filter).
This program helps to edit the file. It makes it impossible to break the syntax of any Perl file having the following structure:
$variable = 'value';          # optional exploratory comment
and makes it much easier for beginners to edit the values.

The program comes in two versions. One version has a double listbox with all entries and values, and the other one is a spreadsheet-like application. Because the number and names of the options are unchangeable, the left side is always read only.

As there is only one configuration file supported by the current versionof HTML PLAIN, there is no option to open a file other than the default one. The editor shows a list of all options that can be changed. The list is not hierachical, as the Perl configuration file does not contain such information. Therefore, this tools is not suitable for more complicated programs; in that case, a special configuration program should be written.

Help for the configuration editor

Standard version


Spreadsheet version